Masters of the Mixes

When Mixing:

  • Always check your mixes in mono for phase issues.
  • Check your mixes in headphones in their entirety for any problems like drop outs and distortion.
  • Bring with you all backups and alternate mixes.

It is very important that the masters supplied be the original mix master. If the Masters reside on a 24 bit CDR backup, then send us that and not a clone.

Master Formats we accept:

  • Analog reel (1/2' or 1/4' @ 30 - 15 ips) Dolby SR and A, and dbx Type I NR
  • 24 bit AIFF files on CDR \ Sonic Exabyte archive
  • R-DAT (the original masters)
  • Alesis Masterlink M2000 High Resolution Master Disc Recorder Discs as standard AIFF files in CD ROM formats. (Preferably 24 bit)
  • Tascam D-88
  • Sony F1
  • Audio CD-(But only if that is the only thing you have). We beg you to use 24 bit AIFF files on CDR. But if audio CDRs are the only option Please USE 74 MINUTE CDRs. These are getting harder to find but it is worth it to call your distributor and ask for Taiyo Yuden professional 74 minute blanks.
    And please listen to your disc with headphones to make sure that there are no errors

When Submitting a DAT Master

  • Record a one minute -18dBfs I Khz tone before the beginning of the program.
  • Always use A-Time.
  • Use new quality tape.
  • Clean your DAT recorder regularly.

CDR Masters and what you need to know:

  • Because of the volume that CD production facilities need to stay profitable and because of the price wars, CD duplicators have given up rejecting CDRs that don't pass error tests.
  • CD duplicators mass produce CDs with their inherent errors being duplicated.
  • DDP Exabtye tapes are recorded and played back with Exabyte drives. This reduces the risk of errors by small incompatibilities and variations between different manufacturers of CDR and CD-ROM drives.





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