The volume of your CD

The subject of the CD level wars has been hotly debated as of late. We are stuck in a loudness war that has created CDs with high average levels and NO peaks. When clients ask for this they wind up with an over compressed and limited CD. With moderately compressed CDs the peaks are louder and the natural dynamics are preserved, It just sounds more musical.

Unless the material has widely varying averaging levels, we prefer to compress very mildly.

We then peak limit the peak levels to provide a commercially comparable leveled product.

Dynamic range versus overall loudness is a creative decision we will make at the session.

I suggest you bring a commercial CD that you admire and is in the style of your music for this comparison. Sonic Solutions HD has high resolution meters that tell you the average and the peak levels of your project. But no meters or program has come close to replicating the resolution of the educated ear.





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