Why is DDP better than a CD Pre-Master?

DDP (Data Description Protocol) is the professional way to master for CD duplication. Most manufacturers agree that DDP is a fully error corrected and ultra-reliable transfer format. CDR Masters have potential problems. CDRs contain errors, caused by imperfections on the surface through fingerprints, dust and manufacturing tolerances. Also, some brands of CDR, may contain ten times the average number of errors of a pressed CD. Delivering a DDP, that has lower error rates than CDR, eliminates mistakes at the manufacturing plant. Only DDP master tapes provide a verifiable data transfer from the hard drive to the final CD and employ sophisticated error-checking. Our DDP masters are fully error-checked and allow for a full data check before a glass master is produced. A DDP is your best guarantee that your master will be transferred and your CD manufactured with no problems at the plant.
DDP is now the required format at Warner Bros.

If however, the plant of your choice will only accept CDR Masters, we'll be happy to supply you with a fully-verified CDR / gold disc production master.

With our DDP & CDR/gold disc Masters it is possible to add a bar code number and International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) for each track which are embedded into the data on an audio CD to identify the owner of each track. Used extensively for royalty payments, ISRCs consist of a series of numbers which are allocated by the BPI in the UK, and regulated worldwide by the IFPI.
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