Tech Concepts

Mastering prepares the audio for CD duplication by:

  • Adjusting track spacing - the gaps between songs.
    • This affects the pace and feel of a CD.
  • Fine tuning fades - fading out / in.
  • Individual track volume adjustments
    • Very important for the song to song perspective of the entire CD.
    • Normalization cannot not do this!
  • Equalization - to solve common problems like boomy bass caused by mixing on small speakers and harshness or dullness caused by mixing with monitors that are dull or too bright, and to add that final "mastered" sheen on your project.
  • Delivering to DDP Exabyte The professional format for CD Plants.

Mastering engineer Steve Vavagiakis holds a Bachelor's of Music degree and has 20 years experience as an Audio engineer

Article from New York Musician Featuring Steve Vavagiakis
Reprinted by permission from New York Musician


What is mastering, and who needs it?

Before the mastering stage some songs may be mixed less bright, louder, quieter, more compressed or much more dynamic than others. Some clients get too close to their project and, with time, become less objective.

Engineers tend to mix on small bookshelf speakers, and while they may be great for mixing, they are not good for mastering.

This is where mastering comes into play. We use our skills, ears and equipment to make your CD sound like a cohesive musical expression. Songs are naturally spaced as well as equalized and leveled to sound their best on all audio systems, laptops, computers and car stereos. If you have several mixes and you like different sections of them, we use our Sonic Solutions digital workstation and assemble the best portions into a flawless whole.

We use the most professional tools and know from experience how to produce duplication-friendly, properly PQ coded, 100% Red-Book compliant CD-DA masters. Bang Zoom oversees quality control that ensures your music is not ruined with duplication issues and other problems.

When you leave with a DDP master from Bang Zoom, we guarantee your CD project from being rejected at any professional duping house.

When you listen to your Mastered CD, every song will sound consistent in level, dynamic range, EQ etc.. Transitions from one song to another will sound natural or just right.

Steve Vavagiakis, has mastered hundreds of titles from Folk to Rap to Metal to Jazz. Steve has 20 years experience having engineered at; Inner Ear Recording, Crystal Sound and now, Bang Zoom Productions.

Bang Zoom provides Sonic Solutions digital mastering services at a price anyone can afford!











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